DEE WARE, Style & Leisure Enthusiast

Growing up in Houston literally paved the way for my style career.  As a little girl I still hold very vivid memories of my Granny and I making that scenic downtown trek every weekend.  We would take the Metro to Woolworth's and get a slice of pizza, a cherry slush and dime candies.  Then we would journey through the underground tunnel to Foley's.  After admiring the store in it's visual wonder, we would go down to the basement and dig through the clearance racks were she would educate me on every designer, the aesthetic behind their designs, the quality of the fabric and construction and the value of the garments.  

My career seemed to follow the same path, beginning with retail visual design and window styling.  After decided that I wanted to be a stylist, I worked in New York for New York Fashion Week and with designers collaborating on their collections.  I also partnered with a host of charities for presentations and events.

In 2010, I started Houston's first wardrobe management company and developed a very elite client base.  I then saw a need to show people some of the amazing shopping destinations that my great city has to offer.  I've discovered fantastic shops located in salons, attics and even trucks!  It is important to me that people know that shopping should be an experience, not just another thing to check off of our lists. It really makes me feel proud to follow my dreams in the very place they started.