March 13 - March 16, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles is much more than glitz, glam and Hollywood stars (although, we may encounter a celebrity sighting or three).  The city is full of quaint little shops, a bustling wholesale district and home to a year round wholesale fashion district.  This trip is ideal for anyone who wants to explore a little Hollywood glitz, experience some unique shopping and possible take a ceramic or textile class.  We are also offering an extension on the trip to explore the wholesale fashion district for anyone who is interested in opening a boutique or storefront in the near future.  Sound exciting enough for you yet?  This experience includes:  A Style Guide, 3 nights accommodations, 3 shopping excursions, a boozy brunch and a tour of the Fashion District and wholesale markets.  

Let's Go!

Airline tickets should be purchased individually after your tour has been reserved.  The capacity for this tour is 10 people.  We want you to get the most out of your retreat and we have found that that is more likely when groups are smaller.  If you have a large group, please email prior to reserving and we will definitely try to accommodate you.